Where can you pay with bitcoin?



19 października 2021
Where can you pay with bitcoin?

Where can you pay with bitcoin?

The digital currency - Bitcoin - has caused a lot of questions and controversy since its emergence. This is not only due to the method of obtaining it, not being dependent on central institutions, but also due to the dynamic development of Bitcoin itself. The most frequently asked questions include those related to where to pay with Bitcoin. It is worth knowing that - also in Poland - there are more and more places where transactions using Bitcoins are possible. The list below will help you to catalog current information on this topic.

Media and services

Bitcoin very quickly became the currency that we can pay for the most popular services directly related to telecommunications networks and media. It is not surprising that these are companies that adapt the latest solutions very quickly. Thanks to this, we can easily, among others top up your phone. The networks that have introduced this type of service include Heyah. Virgin and T-mobile. It may also seem obvious that the popularity of cryptocurrencies has also been noticed by representatives of leading electronics companies, such as Microsoft and Dell. They fully accept digital currency payments. In Warsaw, we can find over 50 points that support Bitcoin payments. We can successfully pay for the stay, among others in the Dolce Vita apartment and to fulfill the order in the Atticus antique shop on Krakowskie Przedmieście. This type of payment is possible not only in Warsaw, but also in Kraków, Toruń and Poznań. The Bailiar Casino dance school, which also honors cryptocurrencies, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places on the map of Poznań. The list of places indicates a trend of greater awareness of Bitcoin - they are increasingly used by owners of various service points. However, not only the largest centers in Poland use the solutions offered by cryptocurrency payments. Other possible places include Ville SART in Gdańsk, Green Hostel in Toruń, and KOSTRZYN accommodation in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. Such transactions are even offered by the Medicover network, which definitely increases the list of points on the map of Poland where you can freely use Bitcoin.

Groceries and food

The rapid development of the popularity of cryptocurrencies can be noticed not only in services, but also in the food and restaurant industry. Bitcoins are accepted by networks such as KFC and Bobby Burger or Burger King. The trend very quickly spread to fast-food industries, which may be related both to the internal, development-oriented policy of companies, but also to the statistical age of the customers of these places. However, this does not mean that Bitcoin orders only include this type of menu. Where else can we pay with digital currency? The service is offered by, among others Café Hoża 51 and MiTo art.cafe.books in Warsaw and restaurant "Raz Dwa Osiem" in Katowice.

Bitcoin on the web

It may seem natural that the main place where we can make a cryptocurrency payment is the internet. This is of course true, but it is worth being aware that there are more and more points on the map of our country, which are related not only to restaurant chains (and the most popular of them is the well-known platform Delicious.pl). The most interesting sites that take advantage of the popularity of cryptocurrencies also include, among others Steam or online stores. We will also make purchases with Bitcoins in the Xbox Store and Windows Store, which will certainly please game fans. The increasing popularity of this type of service shows that Bitcoin is becoming more and more noticeable and popular even among well-established industries with extensive experience. Find out more about using Bitcoin.

Other services

If we are interested in where you can pay with Bitcoins, the best solution is to follow maps or read current information on websites that specialize in the subject of cryptocurrencies (including impily.com). More and more often, we can pay for services with Bitcoins in places such as language courses, dance schools, dentists and photo studios. You can be sure that digital currency transactions will become even more popular in the coming years. Therefore, people interested in this topic should stay up to date with the latest information.

Although in Poland there are (at the moment) only a few dozen points where Bitcoin payment is possible, we must note that cryptocurrency transactions are starting to appear in many industries that are seemingly unrelated to the world of digital news. The decisions to allow Bitcoin payments are related to both customer statistics, but also the ease and popularity of the solution. The places where we can pay for our orders with Bitcoins are still very often located outside our country, but it is worth observing the growing interest in them within Poland.

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