What to invest in in 2021?



19 października 2021
What to invest in in 2021?

What to invest in in 2021?

Cryptocurrencies are an alternative to traditional financial assets. More and more financial institutions recognize their potential. Everything indicates that it will still be profitable to invest capital in cryptocurrencies. If you are wondering what to invest in 2021, this article will answer you. Below we present five cryptocurrencies that we believe are worth buying.

Why is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies?

Before we move on to the ranking, it is important to answer the question why it is worth investing in crypto assets. Cryptocurrencies are considered an alternative to traditional financial resources that are managed by governments and banks. Cryptocurrency transactions are fast and tamper-proof. Digital currencies are believed to be more resistant to recession because they are not controlled by any organization.

The question of what is worth investing in in 2021 is not easy to answer. Due to the global situation, i.e. the pandemic, the collapse of the world economy and recession are expected. As we mentioned before, transferring your capital into digital currencies seems more sensible than ever, but keep in mind that prices won't go up forever. Buyers may at some point decide to take profits and sell assets. As with any investment, we advise you to be cautious and do a market analysis.

What is worth investing in in 2021? We present our ranking

  1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that has recently reached astronomical prices. It's definitely worth having. Growing institutional demand and inflation will keep BTC prices high. Bitcoin has been with us since 2009 and will definitely stay longer. It is a safe investment, especially since analysts predict further increases in its value.

  1. Ethereum

If you are wondering what to invest in the stock market in 2021 then you should definitely consider Ethereum. Bitcoin's younger brother is a currency that began recording great results in late 2020. It was at this difficult time that it grew into the king of DeFi and strengthened its position among altcoins.

  1. Ripple

Ripple is not only a digital currency, but also a platform for making quick payments. The average transaction time here is 4 seconds, while in the case of Bitcoin it is as much as 10 minutes. Ripple, like many other currencies, had a big drop in March 2020. The coin is quite cheap and suitable for beginners. Ripple will therefore be the right proposition if you do not know what to invest in long-term in 2021. The company willingly cooperates with financial institutions, among the supporters of XRP is, for example, Bank of America.

  1. Litecoin

Litecoin is another interesting proposition among altcoins, but rather for short-term investments. The LTC mining process is much faster than, for example, BTC. Litecoin's transaction volume soared after the release of LiteBringer where every player move was a transaction. Analysts predict an upward trend in prices in the coming years.

  1. Cardano

Cardano / ADA is a cheap cryptocurrency with great potential that many investors are interested in. It appeared on the market at the end of 2017 and declares development based on scientific research. In addition to blockchains, Cardano supports smart contracts and decentralized applications. The next updates are strictly planned. If you're wondering what to invest in in the short term in 2021, then the ADA seems like a good choice.

2021 is still a good time to start investing in cryptocurrencies. In the article, we limited ourselves to presenting only 5 cryptocurrencies. In fact, there are many more interesting activities. We encourage you to follow the market news and analyze prices.

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