TRON TRX cryptocurrency



18 października 2021
TRON TRX cryptocurrency

TRON TRX cryptocurrency

Since the appearance of the first cryptocurrency, i.e. BitCoin, more than ten years ago, more and more people have started to be interested in the subject of functioning and obtaining virtual coins that can be used as a legal tender and more. During the development of the cryptocurrency market, many larger and smaller alternative cryptocurrency projects have emerged, such as Ethereum, LiteCoin and zCash. Among them is currently a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology called TRON, established in 2017. If you want to learn more about it, as well as learn about its associated digital currency, then you are in the right place now. We cordially invite you to read our article.

TRON currency - what is it?

Also known as Tronix or TRX (from the name of the token), the cryptocurrency is a unique platform based on Ethereum. The goal of TRON is to create a free and decentralized Internet (it is commonly referred to as Internet 3.0). Such a network is intended to provide access to a variety of entertainment content by default. What's more, the intention of the creators of TRON is to connect creators with recipients directly, without the participation of any intermediaries, and all thanks to the use of blockchain technology. This is because such a solution is completely resistant to any attempts at censorship and external control, which is an ideal solution for many people.

As part of the platform, there is a special means of payment, i.e. the aforementioned TRX, in the form of tokens. Currently, tokens function alongside various cryptocurrencies available on the market and this is their main function, but in the future they are to serve as an immediate and free means of payment for the provision of services on the TRON platform.

The originator and main author of the project is Justin Sun, who is not a new figure in the cryptocurrency scene, because he started his career as a member of the design team of the currently popular currency Ripple. Currently, Sun owns the BEIWO streaming application, which is very popular in China, and also owns the oldest peer 2 peer network platform - BitTorrent. It is also worth adding that Justin's mentor was none other than one of the largest businessmen in the world today - Jack Ma, the founder of AlibabaGroup, which includes such powerful websites as Alibaba and AliExpress.

What are the differences between TRON and other cryptocurrencies?

Due to the very nature of cryptocurrencies, TRX also has a predetermined number of tokens. For that particular currency, it is one hundred billion units. This means that their number is limited.

The main feature of TRX tokens is the fact that it is not possible to obtain them by popular mining, as is the case with BTC or ETH. Unlike standard cryptocurrencies, transactions made with these tokens are not supervised and confirmed by the so-called miners, and a special group of 27 representatives, elected in elections held by all TRX holders.

TRON TRX - forecasts

The forecasts for the TRON project are currently very optimistic. In fact, from the very beginning of its existence, people who deal with cryptocurrencies assessed this project extremely positively. So when it comes to the TRON TRX - its future looks quite bright, which means that it will grow in strength and become even more popular.

Positive opinions about TRON TRX have, among others, people participating in InitialCoinOffering of this currency, as well as specialists researching the market after the end of this action. The whole process was a success - the planned $ 70 million was raised and 40% of all TRX units were put up for sale. During the aforementioned ICO, it was possible to obtain TRON tokens in exchange for BitCoin and Ethereum, and their price was 0.0019 US dollars. One of the markets where TRON is most popular is of course the Asian market, and South Korea in particular.

TRON TRX and the digital wallet

What else distinguishes TRON from other cryptocurrencies available on the market? Well, Tronix has its own wallet called TronixWallet. It is available in the form of the so-called Web wallet, i.e. one that can be operated from a standard web browser. In addition, it can also take the form of a Chrome plug-in, a software wallet supported by Windows, and a mobile application for devices based on iOS or Android. Thanks to the huge availability of Tron Wallet, you can use it basically everywhere. In other words, we can always have our tokens with us and use them when we need them, because transactions with the use of TRX are instantaneous, and most importantly, they are completely free, regardless of the amount we want to send in this way

TRON TRX - is it worth investing in?

The question of whether it is worth investing in TRON now appears very often. Contrary to appearances, it is a completely new cryptocurrency, but it does not mean that investing in it is doomed to failure. The creator himself claims that although the project is currently at an early stage of development, it may soon become better than Ethereum and jump into its place, replacing this particular cryptocurrency.

TRON is certainly not the currency of impatient players looking to get rich quick. The current TRX exchange rate in PLN is only 34 groszy per one token, which is a very small value compared to the value of such BTC or ETH, but in the future it is expected to change when TRON grows stronger with its value. When investing in TRON, you should expect that it will not happen overnight, as such a process takes quite a long time. However, it is worth buying a few tokens and observing the market situation, because it can pay off in some time.

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