Litecoin exchange office

Litecoin exchange office

Litecoin exchange office

Cryptocurrencies have been steadily gaining popularity for several years. Many people believe that virtual money is the real currency of the future, which will replace the means of payment known so far. Since the birth of the father of all digital money, i.e. bitcoin, an alternative currency appeared on the market almost every year, which was to compete with BTC. An example of such a currency is Litecoin, which is currently one of the oldest and most expensive coins that can be purchased.

Cryptocurrency exchange - Litecoin

Litecoin is technically almost identical to bitcoin. However, what distinguishes it from the world's first cryptocurrency is that it cannot be mined using the computing power of GPUs. Instead of using the GPU, it uses miners based on FPGA and ASIC processors. Thanks to this, the entry threshold is much lower than in the case of other currencies, which are mined using standard graphics cards - their prices can be really high. All this is due to the change of the so-called proof of work with SHA-256 which uses BTC on Scrypt.

The second, but equally important difference in the case of Litecoin is the reduced processing time of the block. In the case of bitcoin, one block is processed every 10 minutes, while Litecoin does it every 2 and a half minutes. Thanks to this solution, confirming transactions is simply faster.

For many people, the great advantage of Litecoin will certainly also be that the network of this currency will produce up to four times more coins than the Bitcoin network - it will be equal to 84 million LTC.

History of Litecoin

Litecoin is one of the first alternative currencies to be created after Bitcoin. It was the work of a Côte d'Ivoire programmer in 2011. Charlie Lee (because that is the name of the creator of this currency) worked for Google for ten years, then decided to leave to start cooperation with one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world at that time - Coinbase.

It is true, however, that the foundations for Litecoin were laid by two other currencies - Tenebrix and Fairbrix, which, like Litecoin, were to use FPGA and ASIC miners, operating on the basis of CPU processing power, and use the Scrypt function instead of SHA-256. The first of these currencies was created in the same year as BTC, but it quickly collapsed, because its creators put a note in the currency code that allows them to take over 7.7 million TBX without incurring any costs, which did not appeal to users. It was then that the aforementioned Charlie Lee undertook the creation of Fairbrix, using the BitCoin code and giving it similar rules. Then Litecoin was created.

Where can you buy Litecoin?

Many people who would like to start an adventure with cryptocurrencies wonder what their first steps should be. Hence, you can often come across the question: where to buy Litecoin? The answer to it is complex and it is up to the user to ultimately decide how he will acquire his virtual coins.

The first option is to buy Litecoin on your own. This is the riskiest way - you can easily fall prey to scammers who will simply steal your money. It is definitely not a recommended solution, especially for beginners.

The long way to enter cryptocurrencies is to buy Litecoin on the stock exchange. It's also risky, but definitely less than when purchased from a private seller. However, stock exchanges have their own rules and can often be too complicated for newbies.

The safest option for people who would like to try their hand at cryptocurrencies is to use the services of a cryptocurrency exchange office like ours, where you can exchange traditional currencies for virtual money without much hassle. It is also worth remembering that in the exchange office you can often buy Litecoin at a very attractive price.

Polish currency exchange Litecoin - Impily

In our exchange office, we deal with the purchase, sale and exchange of various types of cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is also among the units we trade. If you're wondering where to buy Litecoin, then you've come to the right place. You can buy units in this currency easily, quickly, safely and most importantly - at an attractive price. You're welcome.

Current Litecoin rate - where to track?

Lots of people wonder where to track Litecoin-related rates and forecasts. If you want to know how much one LTC costs at the moment, all you need to do is go to our website and create an account, thanks to which you will gain access to information on Litecoin, forecasts, rates, but also data on many other cryptocurrencies. So you will be up to date with the current state of the market all the time, which will allow you to manage your savings much better. We cordially invite all interested parties to take advantage of our offer. We guarantee high quality service and a professional approach to the customer.

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