Impily Utility Token (IMPILY) Public Sale on VinDAX



31 marca 2022
Impily Utility Token (IMPILY) Public Sale on VinDAX

Pre-sale of the token

Impily Utility Token (IMPILY) Public Sale on VinDAX Launchpad on April 04, 2022 00:00 AM UTC

Cryptocurrencies should be accessible to everyone

In our opinion, most of today's solutions are not user-friendly due to low technological adoption of many people. Our solution allows such people to quickly join the cryptocurrency market in a simple way. Our goal is to provide a product through which a person who today only hears about cryptocurrencies in the media will be able to join the crypto-revolution in an easy and friendly way.


The first assumptions of the project were made in February 2017. For the next two years, the founders thoroughly researched and analyzed the market, and got to know the needs of the target user. As a result of many hours of meetings, discussions and analysis, the final product, which we called Impily, was born. The work on it started in 2019 and included the development of functionality, architecture and modern technical solutions. In 2020, the company was formally registered, and signed the required contracts and met all the requirements e.g. set by payment organizations.As a result, at the beginning of 2021 we officially released the first version of our product, which immediately gained many satisfied customers. Impily has a full license to conduct its business issued in Poland (European Union), number RDWW-2 issued on 10.11.2021 for exchange between virtual currencies and FIAT currencies, for exchange between virtual currencies, brokerage in exchange service and keeping accounts. The founders have been involved in the financial markets for 20 years, they have a lot of experience in running businesses related to finance, and many successfully completed projects.


Crypto assets are innovative investment products with high price fluctuations and high investment risks. Please ensure a thorough understanding of crypto assets before making investment decisions and use extreme caution when doing so.


Since Mar 2019, VinDAX Exchange has been live for cryptocurrency trading for global users The exchange focus on providing exchange services for digital cryptocurrency transactions with high security level, excellent efficiency and well-optimized trading fee. Everyday, VinDAX takes their best efforts to change, thrive and optimize all exchange functions for users, serving more than 1.5 million users from almost countries and regions. This is the place where multi devices are supported: Desktop (Window, Mac), IOS, Android They also introduce VD, a functional coin designed to facilitate simple, successful trades using user-friendly tools.

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