Impily Utility Token



19 stycznia 2022
Impily Utility Token


On the technical side, "token" is simply another term for cryptocurrency. However, it is increasingly taking on several more specific meanings depending on the context. The first is a term to describe all cryptocurrencies except bitcoin and ethereum (even though they are technically tokens as well). The second is to describe certain digital assets that operate on the blockchain of another cryptocurrency, like many decentralized financial tokens (or DeFi). Tokens have a huge range of potential functions, from helping to enable decentralized exchanges to selling rare items in video games. However, they can all be transacted or stored like any other cryptocurrency.

What is the IMPILY token?

The Impily token was issued on the Binance BEP-20 (BSC) network. It is an "asset" that can currently be purchased at the Impily cryptocurrency exchange, and traded in the future (as of October 2022) on a cryptocurrency exchange. There are 10,000,000 tokens issued, which are sold in three quarterly tranches (Q1, Q2 and Q3 2022).

What is the price of the token?

The price depends on the tranche. In the first tranche, the token cost is PLN 1 or EUR 0.25, in the second tranche PLN 1.25 or EUR 0.30, and in the third PLN 1.5 or EUR 0.40. This means that the sooner someone buys a token, the less he or she will pay. In each tranche there is a different number of available tokens. In the case when they are all sold - subsequent buyers will have to wait and buy tokens from the next tranche, but already at a higher price. However, if not all tokens from a given tranche are sold, they will be destroyed ("burned").

Why should I buy an IMPILY token?

Having a token gives you three independent benefits:

(a) access to special offers and privileges for token holders b) receiving a cyclic reward for having tokens in your wallet c) possibility to sell the token and earn money on such transaction

While points a and b are guaranteed, in the case of point c everything depends on the market, the growth of the value of the token and the listing of the token on the stock exchange.

Is such a token legal?

Yes, of course! A token is a digital asset. However, a token is not a so-called "stable coin", that is, does not reflect the fixed value of another currency, as well as is not a share or other equivalent to a stake in a company.

When will it be possible to sell a token?

The token will be able to be sold after the end of its sale period, which is from October 2022. You will be able to sell it at an Impily exchange, transfer it to your external poftel, or trade it on a cryptocurrency exchange,

Where can you buy the token?

The token can be purchased at the cryptocurrency exchange.

Where can I find more information about the token?

A description of the token, distribution and its benefits can be found at

Can I get tokens for free?

Absolutely! Every month from anuary to September 2022 a pool of tokens is available for distribution - simply register on the Impily AirDrop website for your chance to receive free tokens -

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