Cryptocurrencies and the electronic equipment market



15 listopada 2021
Cryptocurrencies and the electronic equipment market

Cryptocurrencies and the electronic equipment market

Electronic equipment is found in every home, is designed for many tasks and is constantly evolving, especially in the context of computers and components for these devices, the structures of which are more and more complex. For some time now, a rising price for computer components has been observed and it turns out that cryptocurrencies also influence this phenomenon. Why are digital currencies driving the price of electronics?

Cryptocurrencies have been enjoying growing popularity for several years. This is not surprising as in many respects they are more useful than traditional currencies and, moreover, investing in them is another way of earning money for many people. The effect of the phenomenon is more and more so-called miners, i.e. people dealing with mining cryptocurrencies. Excavators are complex structures consisting of many high-speed computers, because working in the blockchain system requires considerable computing resources. Why is this important information?

Many people began to build increasingly complex excavators, using equipment used in the production of computers. However, the electronics industry was not prepared for this, which resulted in a deficit of individual components, especially graphics cards and processors. A natural consequence, it might seem, would be an increase in the prices of these components, but the matter is a bit more complicated. Namely, the electronics market suffers from a shortage of semiconductors, which is why all computer components are becoming more expensive.

Processor prices 2021

It turns out that compared to 2020, processor prices in 2021 have increased by 175%! This is a lot what consumers feel when they buy tablets, phones, laptops and PCs. According to experts, it may take up to a year to rebalance the market. Of course, processor prices have not only increased due to cryptocurrencies, as the discussed increase is also related to work and distance learning. Many people had to obtain new computer equipment, which increased the deficit on the market.

Graphics card prices 2021 - graphics cards for mining

The aforementioned cryptocurrency miners need a lot of computing power, which they take mainly from GPU systems. Mining graphics cards must be extremely effective, so systems consisting of several computers can use up to 2-4 graphics cards. Therefore, compared to 2020, their prices increased in 2021 by 215%, which is even more than in the case of processors. The deficit is also exacerbated by the fact that computers for work and remote learning must still be equipped with GPU cards, of course less efficient, but still have to be in them.

Fluctuations in the popularity of cryptocurrencies translate into the prices of electronics. However, there is no indication that computer components will be significantly cheaper in the near future. Of course, the price of other components was not that much. For example, RAM is currently only 5% more expensive compared to 2020.

Graphics cards for mining do not need to be needed!

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